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TIC Co., Ltd. will constantly keep the promise with customers through continuous efforts.

CEO Greeting

The corporation that pursues a world-beater contributing to growth through customer satisfaction and societal development

TIC Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 in Changwon Industrial Complex with aspirations to become a global producer of automotive parts, cylindrical grinders, and ball screws. Based on its “People First” philosophy, it has pursued to become the best, has grown through customer satisfaction, and has contributed to society and the development of the nation's industry.

In order to strengthen the company's competitiveness in an era of infinite competition, we produce commercial transmissions and axles that form the core of automotive power transfer through quality innovation, value creation, and customer-centered management. We supply them to automobile companies. We also produce high-precision cylindrical grinders, machine tools, and industrial ball screws.

In addition, we invest continuously in R&D. We started R&D for electric vehicle products in 2016 and succeeded in developing the decelerator, the core component of electric vehicles. We are moving forward in line with the changing market by completing the production of decelerators for vehicles from large buses to small electric vehicles.

We will always strive to become a global company that aims for the world’s best quality with the spirit of customer satisfaction based on product trust.

Thank you once again for visiting the homepage of TIC Co., Ltd., and I wish you good health and good luck.

Thank you.

CEO. Jung Bong Chae