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D Series (Deflector)

TONGIL INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. made a strategic technological coalition with Japan’s Kyo-o precision machinery and successfully manufactured ball screws that were imported from other countries. With the technological coalition of Japan’s Kyo-o machinery, we supplied the yearly interior demands of 8 billion machines, import replacement effect and formed a solid basis for exports.

  • D Series (Deflector Type)
    1. D Series (Deflector Type : Internal Circulation)
      In this circulation method, a steel ball turns round in the screw home of screw axis and nut, goes over the 1-phae of screw axis along the home of deflector assembled on the nut, and returns to the original position. Since the steel ball circulates inside the nut, it can minimize the external diameter of nut. Deflector must be arranged evenly on the external surface of nut to have a good nut balance.
    • DSF Type (No Pre-load)
      (Deflector One-sided Flange Single Nut)

    • DFP Type (Integral Pre-load)
      (Deflector One-sided Flange Single Nut)

    • DFN Type
      (Deflector One-sided Flange Double Nut)

    • DFF Type
      (Deflector Flange Butt Double Nut)