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R Series (Rolling)

TONGIL INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. made a strategic technological coalition with Japan’s Kyo-o precision machinery and successfully manufactured ball screws that were imported from other countries. With the technological coalition of Japan’s Kyo-o machinery, we supplied the yearly interior demands of 8 billion machines, import replacement effect and formed a solid basis for exports.

  • R Series (Rolling)
    1. R Series
      It represents rolling ball screw and uses tube-type. There are 4 ways of injecting tube: a burying type of completely putting the tube inside the external diameter of nut and a protrude type of making it stick outside.
    • TBSF Type
      (Tube Type Built-in Flange Nut)

    • TNSF Type
      (External Diameter Small Flange Nut)

    • TMS Type
      (Triangular Screw Nut)

    • TRS Type
      (Square-shape Nut)