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NC Cylinder Grinder

Grinding Technology strives to be the best
Based on sub-micron level scrapping technology, we are establishing NC-ization, automatization, taking up the challenge in the field of exclusive grinder and leading the future of super precision grinding technology with know-how gained through years cylindrical grinder export to Japan.
Item Division Unit GUN-20
Capacity Swing over table mm Ø200
Distance Between Center mm 500
Max. Grinding Weight mm Ø200
Max. Center Support Weight kg 20
Wheel Spindle Wheel Size (O.D × W × I.D) mm Ø305 × 32 × Ø127
(Ø355 × 32 × Ø127)
Speed rpm 2000, 2240
Wheel Head (X-axis) Total Travel mm 185
Rapid Feed Speed m/min 10
Table (Z-axis) Total Travel mm 600
Rapid Feed Speed m/min 7
Work Head Center Tarer MT NO3 (NO2)
Speed rpm NC Control (max. 650)
Tail Stock Center Tarer MT NO3 (NO2)
Spindle Stroke mm 20
Motor Wheel Spindle kw-p 2.2-4 (3.7-4)
Work Head kw 0.9 (1.4)
Wheel Head (X-axis) kw 0.9 (0.75)
Table (Z-axis) kw 0.9 (1.4)
Hydraulic Pump kw-p 0.75-4
Wheel Spindle Lubrication Pump kw-p 0.2-4
Coolant Pump kw-p 0.18-2
Tank Capacity Hydraulic 40
Wheel Spindle Lubrication Pump 18
Coolant 80
Othres NC Equipment   SENTROL (FANUC)
Center Height mm 1100
Floor Area mm 2190 × 1865
Net weight kg 1600